To market to market to buy something pretty

Hi everyone,

Jeff took this picture of Sandy in Las Vegas at the gift market. It’s his first time to go and one of the few times when I haven’t gone. Gift markets are grindingly hard. You are on your feet all day, in and out of showrooms that number in the hundreds or more (that’s not even the main building behind her in the picture), looking at thousands and thousands of gift products from all over the world, trying to decide which ones will go well in your store for your customers.

Sandy will be gone four nights. I spoke to her last night. We’d all watched the president’s address and they were about to head out for a late dinner. Before she left she stocked up on groceries. I could eat five meals a day and still have left overs.

Rip van ‘Puter

Hi everyone,

My computer slept in today. It was totally dark when I got up and wouldn’t respond to any command. I decided it had crashed and was getting ready to take it to Best Buy to have it checked. And now it’s on. After a 4 1/2 hour nap it responded and is up and running.

And that is my post for today.

This is the week. Let’s do it!

Hi everyone,

Ready to face the new week? The weekend seemed quicker than usual but I say bring it on. I got a tiny start on taxes, the signing went well, and I’m ready for a good week without many interruptions.

My thanks to Renee Hunt and the crew at Barnes & Noble for hosting me Saturday. And thanks to friends and family who stopped by my table to brighten my day. It was a beautiful day so foot traffic in the store was a little off but we still sold books and talked to lots of people. Several kids came by from schools I’ve visited recently — Grace Classical Academy, Field Elementary, Harrison Elementary, and Portland Elementary — so I appreciated their kindness.

Thanks to Portland teacher Laura Naegele for not only coming by but bringing sample worksheets from her students. When I was in their class I talked to them about the use of synonyms and antonyms so their work showed me how they applied what I discussed. Now that’s fun!

Time out

Hi everyone,

I think I’ll take the weekend off. It’s that time of year when we start pulling together tax information and I have other business to attend to as well. Nothing I enjoy but we all have to do it.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend. See you on Monday.


Tomorrow at Barnes & Noble

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow (Saturday the 27th) at 1:00 I’ll sign A PLACE TO START A FAMILY at Barnes & Noble in Springfield. I hope some of you who live in the area can stop by to say hello.

Yesterday I confirmed March 10 for a signing at Sun Dog Books in Seaside, Florida. I’m looking at other dates including stores in Destin, Panama City, and Kansas City. Gotta push dem books!

So far no one has left a comment on to get their name in the drawing for a free copy of A PLACE TO START A FAMILY. Someone I don’t know left a lovely review but so far that’s it. You have until February 16 to meet the deadline. So far it looks like I’ll get to save the copy I’ve been planning to give away.

Scholastic has posted about 7 KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR SUCCESSFUL WRITING. Here’s the link if you’re interested or know someone who might be.