Hi everyone,

Tomorrow morning at 10:00 CST I’ll be the guest on Larry Freund’s radio show, “The W-Factor.” The advance announcement reads, “Upcoming guest for January 11, 2018: David L. Harrison, award winning children’s author (and educator) 7 KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING SUCCESS, co-authored with Mary Jo Fresch. If you are a writer, teacher or educator you will want to tune in to this informative show. THE W-FACTOR.”

Full details:

KWTO Talk Radio, 560 A.M.
Springfield, Missouri
10:00 a.m.
stream at
phone: (417) 862-9977
toll free: 800-375-0056

The program is essentially about the new book and how it applies to getting prepared before starting a project, be it writing or anything else. If you have an interest in tuning in, I hope you will. Please share this information with others who might like to listen in. You can use the streaming link to hear us live. By using the phone number, you can call in with a question or comment. I’ll be given a CD of the interview after the show but it would not be available to anyone else.

5 comments on “Radio Interview regarding 7 KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING SUCCESS

  1. 7 Keys Interview

    Turn up the volume
    and get tuned in,
    sit right down
    with paper and pen.

    Listen to David
    present “7 Keys,”
    he makes pre-writing
    Such a breeze!

    Great lesson plans
    already done!
    Mary Jo tried out
    every one!

    Take some notes
    or better still,
    order the book
    for your own thrill!

    Morning, David! I was up way too late Tuesday night (after the 4-H meeting and a late-night Mountain Dew!) and saw your newest blog. Had to pound out this quick ditty for you! Have fun with the radio interview!

    • I second what Mary Jo said. Thank you for your Mountain Dew laced poem, sweet Su! I always a chance to talk about the new book so I look forward to Larry Freund’s show in the morning. Wish me luck!

      • Good luck, David, although I know you’ll do just fine! Turn and that charm and talk away! (Just in case – maybe drink a Mountain Dew before the interview! Ha!)

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