From presearch to research to writing

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I followed the advice Mary Jo Fresch and I present in 7 KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING SUCCESS. In this case, step one was my trip to NYC in October. I set up dates with several editors, thoroughly enjoyed our visits, and came home with lists of ideas and categories I might tackle in 2018.

Yesterday I took the second step in applying presearch to my preparation. I went over the lists and settled on one that has been calling my name. I printed a working title (yes, pen on paper) and started a list of potential subjects, dividing them into seven groups. There are twenty-four of them.

At this point I’m thinking poetry but that might change. With a list of twenty-four subjects, I’ll start reading and making notes. I’ll keep track of key words to guide further efforts and stay awake for unexpected information that will inject surprise and entertainment value when I start writing. This isn’t going to be nonfiction. Still I need to bone up on each subject to see if it holds up well enough to stay on the list.

Today after my radio interview I’ll start the research effort and see where this idea takes me. Hopefully, it will eventually lead me back to the editor who expressed in such an idea in October.

12 comments on “From presearch to research to writing

  1. Thanks for sharing your process, David. I find it interesting, and helpful. I’m on track to catch your radio interview today.

    • Hi Susan. Were you able to locate the show? It started a few minutes late. I hope the delay didn’t confuse people.

      • I was able to locate the show. Heard the beginning of your part – then had a phone call I had to take. Heard the end of your part. Enjoyed what I heard, but sorry I missed much of it…. Glad your blog is available any time.

      • I’m pretty sure it was the same guy twice. I didn’t catch his last name but he was from a community in this area. I would have been pleased to discuss his question with him but we didn’t have time to spare at that point.

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