Here and abroad

Hi everyone,

I had a fine time yesterday on Larry Freund’s Talk Radio show, which was co-hosted by David Eslick. Left to right in the photo are David, Larry and me. Larry, thanks again for the opportunity to present and discuss my new book with Mary Jo Fresch, 7 KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING SUCCESS.

On another front I received a note from a student in France who has read “It’s Me” in her classroom. She isn’t the first one but I’ll relate hers.

“Hello, I’m one of the 12th grade students of Miss Plessis. I just wanted to say that is a great and funny anecdote ! Also “It’s Me”, fit much more with the “Marilyn Diptych” of Andy Warhol than the “cow”.
It is also a very original poem! We read it out loud in class with several people (one person did a sentence and an other did the next sentence), and it was a very fun moment to give a voice to your poem!
Goodbye ! ”

Some of you might remember this poem. I wrote it for Jan Greenberg’s book of poetry inspired by art called HEART TO HEART. It has been picked up in various other publications, including ART AND ARTISTS (Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets). It was inspired by an Andy Warhol painting of cows but when we couldn’t obtain the use of the painting I switched to Marilyn Monroe because we could get that.

5 comments on “Here and abroad

  1. Letter from kids are the BEST! I had a student write me a note, once, telling me how very “sweat” I was. Oh – and I was also “prity” in that same note. I still have it – taped into the front of the calendar/planner that I carry with me daily. It’s a nice reminder to keep on doing what I do!

    • Dear Sweatheart! I love letters from kids! I have a few in a file to grin about now and then. I remember one who told me I was the best author in the world and admitted she had never read anything I’d written.

  2. Bonjour Mr Harrison! Thank you so much for replying to my student and writing a blog post about her comment! She was delighted and also impressed! I hope your latest books will be a success. Bien cordialement, Virginie Plessis

    • Bonjour, dear Virginie! I was so pleased to hear from your student and am happy to learn she enjoyed the mention. It’s kind of you to get in touch and let me know. I am honored to have something of mine in the book you are using. With warm wishes, David

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