Found art

Hi everyone,

Be on the lookout this time of year for found art created by nature. Here’s one I spotted yesterday when barren tree limbs and a patio table were reflected on the skim of ice on my pool cover.
Sometimes these wintry scenes become prompts for poetry or even the beginning of a story setting. It’s always good exercise.

A real photographer would have stood out there in 11 degrees for a better picture. I’m just a poet so I make up what I can’t see.

10 comments on “Found art

  1. The Painter

    Shadow-charcoal strokes
    on slate freshly dipped in frost,
    essence of the day.

    (c) 2018 David L. Harrison all rights reserved

  2. Shadows on the pool top
    looking crisp and nice
    Would eyes even notice
    If there hadn’t been ice?

    We say we don’t much like it
    then gasp and “ooh” with glee
    ‘Cause ice atop the cover
    Is quite a sight to see.

      • No ice here today – except in the outside dog water bowl. Ha! Am starting to wonder if/when we’re going to get snow here in my part of Colorado!

      • It’s dry here too. Nothing more than snow flurries that haven’t covered the ground. Almost no ice. Just cold.

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