School visit this week

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday I’ll have the pleasure of visiting a Springfield school to talk to 1st grade classes. They are studying about writers and it turns out I’m one. The challenge will be to find concrete explanations to fit their world of experience. If anyone wants to share a thought or quote, I’ll work them into my time with the kids.

Maybe I should start a list. The reason why I love being a writer is ____. The kids might like that and their teachers can make copies for their work folders to keep and remember.

11 comments on “School visit this week

  1. I saw you write it; Jane wrote it; and when I started thinking about your question, it’s the first word I thought of, as well: SHARE.

    Writers like to share!

    The can share their personal experiences; information they’ve researched and gathered; personal knowledge gained through years of doing something; their feelings about something; a place they’ve visited….this list could go on and on!

    Impress upon those kiddos that writing is sharing…sharing a bit of themselves with someone else, and in the process, hoping their words (and maybe even pictures) help the reader understand something a little bit better.

    • Su, I can tell a good teacher a mile off. This is something to build on and I’ll gladly include it in the packet that’s growing in my mind as a handout for the first grade teachers I’ll see on Tuesday. Many thanks!

      • Have fun with those kiddos! Are they lucky or what, to have you with them!! (and a teacher smart enough to invite you to her classroom!)

  2. Here’s a poem for the kiddos!

    It’s time to let your great mind share!
    Throw your fingers in the air!
    Wiggle! Jiggle! Let them do a dance!
    Lots of ideas in your head!
    Write them in your book instead –
    Now’s your time to share and take a chance!

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