Turtle woes

Hi everyone,

This morning when I got up, I caught my turtles looking in my calendar. I didn’t know they could read. Maybe it’s just my imagination. Lord, I hope so.

I very much fear trouble ahead.

P.S. This is in response to Jane’s poem (below).

The Turtle’s Response

All those nights
he read to us.
All those words
he fed to us.

Now those words
will take us far
cleverly hidden
in his car.

We’ve made our plans,
we’ve marked the date,
we’ve packed our bags,
and now we wait.

He says that turtles
aren’t allowed,
but we can READ
so he’ll be proud!

(c) by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

8 comments on “Turtle woes

  1. The Turtles Escape

    The Reading of Turtles
    is not too well known.
    They sit upon books
    that their people all own.

    They act as if reading–
    –Or sleeping–who knows.
    Their eyes are just painted
    and they never close.

    I worry they’re reading
    and planning a trip.
    I caution myself
    that I must get a grip.

    Next morning, the turtles
    are missing, away.
    I worry about it
    for all of the day.

    But turtles are careful,
    deliberate, I know.
    Wherever they’re headed,
    It’s going to be sloooooooow.



  2. Don’t Judge a Turtle!

    Likely ’cause
    we walk so slow,
    people think
    we just don’t know.

    Folks judge us by
    our outer looks –
    We might be green
    but we love books!

    Like other creatures
    here on earth,
    we didn’t choose
    this reptile birth.

    Ever hopeful
    we surge ahead,
    and know we’re smart
    because we read!

      • I always had box turtles in my classroom when I was a special education teacher. I loved my students, and realized they were a bit like the turtles. Maybe a little slower, but most definitely smart and ready to charge ahead with all the challenges they were given.

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