My Very First Post

If you don’t already know Sam Bommarito, here’s a chance to get acquainted. He has quite a story to tell and what he has to say is important. I’ll follow his blog and recommend him to you.


Seeking Ways to Grow Proficient, Motivated, Lifelong Readers & Writers

My very first post.

Where to begin. Let’s start by telling you a bit about myself. My LinkedIn summary says this:

During his 44 year career in education Dr. Bommarito taught every grade K through graduate school. The majority of his teaching time was in Title 1 buildings both as a reading specialist and staff developer. Dr Bommarito took part in a 4-year program where the Jennings school district trained its teachers in Reading and Writing Workshop. Trainers were cadre and former cadre of Teachers College, and included Isoke Nia and Katie Wood Ray. Dr. Bommarito retired from full time teaching in 2015 but continues to be active in the literacy world. He is Co-Editor of the Missouri Reader, serves on various International Literacy Association boards/committees, does volunteer work in literacy and continues to do presentations and write articles about…

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9 comments on “My Very First Post

  1. Thank you so much!!!!! Missouri Reader comes out early next week and the article by Dr. Kerns (Harris Stowe University) and I will serve as a jumping off point for the discussion. I’m literally working right now to get Missouri Reader ready to go. Will post the link to it on my blog when it is done (probably Monday). Let me also say thank you to you for all the wonderful support you have shown Missouri Reader over the years. You are definitely Missouri’s “favorite son”. Sam (aka Dr. B)

    • You are welcome, Sam. It is my pleasure to introduce you in case some of my visitors might not yet have had the opportunity to meet you.

  2. Great first blog! Keep it going! I look forward to the next issue of Missouri Reader as well (ummm – can I say to see my article in it as well?) 😊

  3. Mary Jo- you most certainly can say that. I think we will call this issue the land of a 1000 takeaways because teachers will find many many practical ideas inside it all backed by solid research. I’ll even say they should look at your article first (I did!). I also have to thank you for your support of Missouri Reader. Being able to attract authors of the caliber of you and David means a lot to all of us at the journal and at MSC. Happy Reading and Writing. Sam (aka, Dr. B.)

    • Ah…you are too kind! We do this for the love of our profession and the children we hope to reach each day. Keep going Dr. B – your heart is in the right place.

  4. Dr. B. – you are MY kind of person! I laugh, because I call myself “a semi-retired teacher” as well…but substitute teach all the time in two elementary schools in Colorado. (I’m just “the teacher who doesn’t teach every day” in the eyes of the kids and staff. Love it!) I’ve been involved with CCIRA and ILA for many years – and just got home from the CCIRA conference this morning. Loved learning new ways to inspire kids, and meeting authors the kids love! I’ll look forward to seeing your work in the Missouri Reader! Take care!

  5. Please do follow the blog and read the new issue of Missouri Reader. It will come out monday! I’ll leave a link in my blog for everyone. Mary Jo hit the nail on the had when she said we do this for the love of our profession and the children we hope to read. It’s wonderful to know that there are so many of us around. Happy Reading and Writing! Dr. B.

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