Worth repeating

Hi everyone,

On Friday I posted a picture of my turtles studying my calendar and Jane wrote a witty poem about it. I followed up with this picture and a poem and Susan chipped in a poem as well, but I’m not sure many saw the fun developing. Today I’m reposting all that for anyone who missed the original and maybe we’ll see some further contributions before the day is done.

Jane Yolen

February 10, 2018 @ 7:04 am

The Turtles Escape

The Reading of Turtles
is not too well known.
They sit upon books
that their people all own.

They act as if reading–
–Or sleeping–who knows.
Their eyes are just painted
and they never close.

I worry they’re reading
and planning a trip.
I caution myself
that I must get a grip.

Next morning, the turtles
are missing, away.
I worry about it
for all of the day.

But turtles are careful,
deliberate, I know.
Wherever they’re headed,
It’s going to be sloooooooow.



The Turtle’s Response

All those nights
he read to us.
All those words
he fed to us.

Now those words
will take us far
cleverly hidden
in his car.

We’ve made our plans,
we’ve marked the date,
we’ve packed our bags,
and now we wait.

He says that turtles
aren’t allowed,
but we can READ!
He’ll be so proud!

(c) by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

Susan Hutchens

February 11, 2018 @ 12:17 am

Don’t Judge a Turtle!

Likely ’cause
we walk so slow,
people think
we just don’t know.

Folks judge us by
our outer looks –
We might be green
but we love books!

Like other creatures
here on earth,
we didn’t choose
this reptile birth.

Ever hopeful
we surge ahead,
and know we’re smart
because we read!

8 comments on “Worth repeating

  1. Gotta love Turtles!

    People love us
    one and all,
    because we’re green,
    and cute and small.

    Don’t let our shortness
    fool your eyes,
    you’ll never know
    when we’ll surprise.

    We’ll stow into
    your travel case,
    and sneak into
    vacation place.

    We’ll read your mail
    a note or map,
    and show up when
    you take a nap!

    Don’t be worried
    we’re never mean,
    and plastic types
    are always clean!

    The best part of
    not being tall?
    We rarely ever
    take a fall!

    Morning, David! What a pleasant surprise to see my little turtle poem on your blog first thing this morning! I’m now running late today, as I tripped over one of the corgis while putting them outside and really did a number on my left knee. I quickly took some Advil and went back to bed, and thought about turtles as I waited to see how bad my knee would swell. (not much, thank goodness!) While laying there, all I could think about was how lucky turtles are that they don’t trip and fall!! LOL! Gotta love that!

    • Ouch!! Sorry about your fall, Su! Glad it wasn’t worse. Sounds like a close call.
      As for your version of turtles, they do sort of sound appealing. But I insist that they are sneaky.

      • Turtles want a Vacation

        Turtles are sneaky
        it has been told,
        and also hate
        the mountain cold!

        Several of mine
        would like to go,
        somewhere warmer
        without the snow.

        When next you head
        to Florida sand,
        they’d like to go
        and lend a hand.

        They won’t eat much
        just need some space,
        to drag their shells
        to warmer space.

        And they’ll be nice!
        (they loudly swear) –
        Promise to stay
        out of your hair!

        But sneaks they are
        we know this well!
        Might make your trip
        not go so well!

  2. and don’t you just want to sock him out of his shorts,
    the sort of dimwit “poet” who resorts
    to ‘shell shock’ puns & slow-poke jokes?
    give it up. there’s the door. take your smokes.
    admit your imagination’s vacant. comatose. infertile –
    it that’s all you can manage ’bout the noble turtle.

    • You know, I don’t doubt that for one moment. They may look cute to “some people,” but that little one with the bulging eyes? She’s served time twice for stowing away in innocent folks’ cars.

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