Getting ready for Texas

Hi everyone,

Today I’m pulling the last of my thoughts together for next week’s TLA conference in Dallas. TLA is always a great conference. Boyds Mills is sponsoring me to mark the publication of CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS and I’ll also sign the new title, A PLACE TO START A FAMILY for Charlesbridge.

On Tuesday I’ll be part of a gang of poets in Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong’s pre-con workshop taking turns talking about selected subjects. I chose “Science through Poetry.”

On Wednesday I’ll join Sylvia, Janet, and others to speak about poetry related subjects. My topic is “Word of the Month Poetry Challenge.”

I’ll wind up on Thursday being a featured poet in another Sylvia classic: Poetry Roundup. I have 8-9 minutes to read some of my poems and I look forward to it. I enjoy hearing other poets read their work too.

Poor Mother Goose

Hi everyone,

Mother Goose had no more than laid her eggs and settled down for the long wait when our heavy rains put an end to her efforts after only a few days.
In the first picture you can see her mate keeping watch from a few yards away. The same day I saw him suddenly lift off with great wings flapping and chase away another goose, presumably also a gander, who was swimming too close to his mate on her nest.

I was looking forward to “interviewing” both birds this year because hubby seems to have matured from the old days when he spent most of his time across the lake hanging with pals. Alas, both birds have left. Yesterday I saw a pair (them?) wandering around our front yard. Perhaps they’ll try again. If they do, I hope they’ll show more sense than God gave a goose and choose a safer spot.

Run for your lives!

Hi everyone,

We’re catching a lot of rain. Tuesday morning as I headed to the kitchen for more coffee, something on the dining room door caught my eye. Turned out to be a small snail inching it’s way slowly up the glass on the outside.
It didn’t take long to spot eight more. In twenty-eight years here I’ve never seen so many snails at one time. Here’s how I figure it.


“Run for your lives!”
the leader said.
“Climb this wall
or learn to tread!
If you can’t tread,
then follow me!
The yard is turning
into a sea!

Hurry, hurry
All you snails!
Now or never!
Bust your tails!
Dash! Scurry!
Scamper! Flee!
Run for your lives!
Follow me!”

–(c) 2018 David L. Harrison
All rights reserved

A nice thing

Hi everyone,

My thanks to Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong for publishing a page from POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY FOR SCIENCE TAKE 5! in SCIENCE & CHILDREN (a National Science Teachers Association publication). The page includes a poem of mine, “My Robot,” with practical suggestions on activities based on the message. It’s a handsome magazine and I’m delighted to be in it. Thank you, Sylvia and Janet!

Starting a new one

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I wrote the first words of the first chapter of a new middle grade novel. I’ve had the idea for three years or so and recently returned to it and completed the outline. Can’t tell you much about it yet, but based on the first ten words I’m sure it’s going to be sensational! (:>