Upcoming events

Hi everyone,

Before much longer I’ll be back in the wheel. My calendar for the next eight weeks includes a book signing at Sundog Books (March 10), being featured on Steve Grant’s noon show on KY3 television (March 14), Warrensburg Children’s Literature Festival (March 18-20), Larry Freund’s radio talk show (March 22), Texas Library Association annual conference (April 3-5; including participating in a 4-hour poetry workshop and being a featured poet at Poetry Rodeo), giving an evening program at The Library Center (Aril 10), a school visit in Kirksville, MO (April 16), joining MSU’s professor/poet Marcus Cafagna on Randy Stewart’s radio show to celebrate poetry month (April 20), and attending a banquet at Drury’s Breech School of Business to honor inductees into its Hall of Fame (April 27; I was inducted in 2004). I’ll provide more details as the events occur.

4 comments on “Upcoming events

    • Thanks, Su. The events are scattered out the way I like them, about one a week. I think there will be others but these are all I know for sure at the moment.

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