Hi everyone,

Off to sign books today at Sundog Books, Seaside, Florida. The store is a popular landmark in this area. There isn’t enough space to sign inside so I’ll be given a chair and table on the front porch. You can’t hope for a more picturesque location. Crowds of people stroll up and down the sidewalk, many headed to the restaurant next door called Great Southern, another destination spot.

Today’s forecast calls for rain. I hope it doesn’t put a damper on my front porch perch and keep would be customers cooped up in their condos. Cross your fingers for me.

10 comments on “Promoting A PLACE TO START A FAMILY

    • Good morning, Matt, and thank you for the good wishes. The day is overcast but no rain so far. If the rain holds off until I finish at 2:00, then it can do whatever it wants to.

  1. I will cross my fingers, wishing for sunshine. What a wonderful place to be, though. Saturday should bring out the kids, too!

  2. Here’s hoping there are customers standing in line,
    With their arms full of books, waiting to be signed.
    Here’s wishing you luck of the very best kind,
    And all of us who love you will have you on our mind.

  3. Turtle Help Needed!

    If you were a turtle
    you wouldn’t mind rain,
    you’d sit on that porch
    and not once complain.

    You’d bask in the drizzle
    find glee in each drop,
    Folks might be soggy
    but you’d never stop!

    Perhaps turtle buddies
    will lend you a hand,
    If you can convince them
    out of the sand!

    • Su, you present some excellent ideas here! (:>
      Maybe I haven’t been giving the turtles enough credit. Leave it to an outstanding teacher to remind me that small critters can accomplish big things! Hugs!

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