6 comments on “Mr. and Mrs. Cool

  1. Handsome and pretty
    and both so cool!
    Can’t get these two
    back to school.

    Not only cool
    but also sweet!
    Time spent with them
    is such a treat!

    Might have to lead
    a few parades –
    ’cause they look great
    in super shades!

    Happy Sunday to you both! Enjoy that beautiful beach!

  2. A fine illustration of that swell campfire song, m’dearest dears, ’bout friends new & old, being all silver, t’other gold, all sparkly by the diamond & sapphire sea

    • Hi over there in Independence! This last day has been overcast and rainy off and on. Might as well pack our “cool” and transport it back to Missouri. But oh what fun it has been goo foffing here for a spell.

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