My birthday bat

Hi everyone,

Home again and back on the job. Yesterday I was delighted by all the wonderful birthday wishes. I’m sorry that I was on the road much of the day and had no way to respond. We got home at 3:00, unloaded the car, read through three weeks of mail, went to birthday dinner, and came back here for ice cream and cake.

As everyone was leaving I noticed a Missouri brown bat clinging to the brick wall in our living room just above the sofa. While we were away the dining room door blew open one evening and I suspect the bat flew in with it. We were surprised when the security folks called to say a motion detector had gone off. Police were summoned but found no evidence of break in. Now we know who the culprit must have been. Jeff brought me the plastic container my cake came in and I used it to gather in the bat. Jeff and I took the bat outside where I placed it in the fork of a hackberry tree. When Jeff checked on it later, it was gone. I hope it found water and food. Next time I look up into the evening sky and see a bat swooping and darting after insects, I’ll hope it’s my birhday bat.