Let’s hear you roar

Hi everyone,
The prompt for today (one day only) is BEAR. Here are three of mine, the first from CAVE DETECTIVES (2007), the second from THE BOY WHO COUNTED STARS (1994), the third from WILD COUNTRY (1999).

The Bear

She pads on silent paws
into the cave,
into the dark,
moving slowly,
sniffing the air but unworried.

At a wall she stands erect,
stretches high,
wags her massive head,
slashes the clay
to mark her territory.

She turns to her task,
scooping out a hollow nest
for twins that will come.

Like an afterthought she lifts her head,
crushing jaws agape,
tongue like a red warning flag
flicking between her teeth,
and roars.

Echoes like shockwaves
roll down black halls.
She roars and roars
and roars.

(c) by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

Hare on the Stair

A bear with no hair
Met a hare on the stair.
“Dear Hare,” said the bear who was bare,
“I have nothing to wear.”

The hare only stared
At the bear who was bare.
“Stay there,” said the hare with a glare,
“You cannot wear my hair.”

The bear took the hare
With the hair up the stair,
And when they were finished up there,
‘Twas the hare who was bare.

(c) by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

Mama Bear

Down the valley
where the willows grow
and paintbrush paints
the meadow yellow,
you bring your cubs to breakfast.

The berries are ripe!
Take your time.
Red strawberries
reward the tongue
with sticky sweet jelly.

It’s a fine sunny day
to stroll with your cubs,
the sort of day
to lick your lips.
Have another berry.

(c) by David L. Harrison, all rights reserved.