Starting a new one

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I wrote the first words of the first chapter of a new middle grade novel. I’ve had the idea for three years or so and recently returned to it and completed the outline. Can’t tell you much about it yet, but based on the first ten words I’m sure it’s going to be sensational! (:>

11 comments on “Starting a new one

  1. Writing A New book

    At the beginning
    I’m so sure.
    The question is–
    Will I endure?

    Can I get to
    the final chapter
    and the happy
    ever after.

    Or through time
    and lots of fiddle
    will I be mired
    in the middle?

    CanI go on?
    Do I dare?
    Will, here I put
    My butt in chair!

    ©2018 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • They ask me,
      “What’s your favorite book?”
      I give a thoughtful,
      studied look,
      and tell them
      that my brain somehow
      picks the one
      I’m writing now.
      I must believe
      my new endeavor
      will soon become
      my best book ever.
      This time I’m writing
      something rare,
      and so my butt
      is in this chair.

      (c) 2018 David L. Harrison
      All rights reserved

      • Writing A New Book Runs A Little Late

        I have to get up,
        have to go
        but now I take
        my leaving slow.

        Just one more sentence,
        one more line.
        (That latest one
        seems rather fine.)

        This book will make
        the winner’s shelf.
        But–butt in chair,
        I’ve peed myself.

        ©2018 all tummy rights reserved

      • Writing Woes

        My face!
        Forgot to shave the stubble.

        Forgot to clean the rubble.

        Get ready on the double.

        Butt in chair
        Sure causes trouble.

        (c) (:> David L. Harrison

  2. I’ve started 2 new picture books recently and the one I’ve been thinking about for over 2 years is a struggle but the one that came to me hiking over the weekend is polished after 3 revisions.
    Writing is a funny process for me. But either way, it feels amazing to do it.

    • Welcome to today’s chat! Writing is a funny business indeed. The other day a child asked how long it takes me to write a book. I held up WHEN COWS COME HOME and said it came so quickly it was like taking dictation. The book beside it, THE MOUSE WAS OUT AT RECESS, took nine years.

  3. I Should Write!

    Learning from such authors great,
    Tells me I can’t hesitate.
    I must sit and type away,
    Not be distracted by the day.
    Tell the corgis they must sit,
    Wait for me to write a bit.
    Dirty clothes can pile some more,
    No big rush to get to store.
    I can do this! Yes I can!
    Now that I have forged a plan!

    • Glad to know you have a plan, Su. And you’re quite right. Dirty clothes and groceries can wait a while longer! I’m writing this at a car agency while I wait for some minor repairs to be complete. It’s a different chair, but my butt’s in it.

      • I’m sitting in Five Guys in Cheyenne tapping along on my phone one letter at a time! Lol

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