Run for your lives!

Hi everyone,

We’re catching a lot of rain. Tuesday morning as I headed to the kitchen for more coffee, something on the dining room door caught my eye. Turned out to be a small snail inching it’s way slowly up the glass on the outside.
It didn’t take long to spot eight more. In twenty-eight years here I’ve never seen so many snails at one time. Here’s how I figure it.


“Run for your lives!”
the leader said.
“Climb this wall
or learn to tread!
If you can’t tread,
then follow me!
The yard is turning
into a sea!

Hurry, hurry
All you snails!
Now or never!
Bust your tails!
Dash! Scurry!
Scamper! Flee!
Run for your lives!
Follow me!”

–(c) 2018 David L. Harrison
All rights reserved