Word of the Month word for April . . .

Hi everyone,

I’m looking at a small, hand-stitched, felt earth by my sweet friend and fellow poet Eileen Spinelli, for which I’m very grateful. It reminds me, as it is supposed to do, that we’re sailing through space on the only ride we have. It’s surely worth thinking about as we write our poems for April. Let’s see what EARTH inspires. I hope to see many approaches and applications as those clever minds of yours begin to share your efforts. Thanks in advance.

6 comments on “Word of the Month word for April . . .

  1. Earth poem
    God has granted me the ability and serenity for whatever it’s worth.
    To take a few more turns on this rock that we call earth.
    Never knowing what lies ahead or beyond the next curve. We keep our minds and eyes on the prize in case we have to swerve.
    At times our reward is glory and fame. While other times we hang our head,and cry out in shame. Emotional bursts, be it happy or sad is what makes life so intriguing so much a part of living.
    Can we as a nation on this planet earth keep on taking and seldom giving, of ourselves of our lives of our faith. The best part of being in this human race is we are winning the battle not losing face. Just watch around you, not the fake news you’ll get to enjoy all the celestial views.

    • Don, thank you for sharing this poem. Not knowing what lies beyond the next curve does make life intriguing. Glad to be sharing the ride with you, my friend.

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