Thanks for your time

Hi everyone,

Taxes are in, TLA handouts are posted, timed talks are ready, writing on hold for a bit, turtles seem peaceful; think I’m ready.

Have I thanked you lately for following me on this blog? It means a lot. As you well know, much of the time I have no idea what I’ll say when I type, “Hi everyone.” Most days the thoughts flow, but not always. Yet you’re always patient with me.

Like a kid, I check throughout the day to see who shows up, if anyone shows up. It’s like getting a grade card every single day. If I amuse you, you give me an A. If I bore you, well, you let me know that too.

Just wanted you to know that I think about you, going about your daily routine, taking the time to see what Harrison is up to today, going on about your business. XO