She is SO mean to me

BULLETIN: I’m delighted to be featured today on Renee La Tulippe’s No Water River site celebrating Poetry Month. If interested, here’s the link:
Thank you, Renee!

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned, while we were in Dallas we spent an afternoon at the Gift Market buying for our store. I found one little thing I wanted for us personally, but do you think my M.O.W. would let me have it? Nooooooooooooo! It was so not fair! I thought it would look great on the hearth or maybe on a coffee table in the living room. I’m so mad at her. I mean, who wouldn’t want this in their house? Huh?

16 comments on “She is SO mean to me

  1. It would certainly be a ‘saur’ce of conversation, David. An eye’saur’ it’s not! (but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Thank you, Buffy! I believe you have caught the essence of our dilemma. And so here I am in Springfield while the skull I lust for lingers forlornly in Texas. That’s life.

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