Coming in June

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I discovered that Children’s Literature in the Reading Program: Engaging Young Readers in the 21st Century, Fifth Edition, is already posted on Amazon although it’s not due for release until June. I wrote the poetry chapter for this edition as well as for editions three and four. Here’s the description.

“This indispensable teacher resource and course text, now revised and updated, addresses the “whats,” “whys,” and “how-tos” of incorporating outstanding children’s literature into the K–8 reading program. A strong emphasis on diverse literature is woven throughout the fifth edition, with chapters emphasizing the need for books that reflect their readers and presenting dozens of carefully reviewed books that teachers will be eager to use in the classroom. Leading authorities provide advice on selecting texts, building core literacy and literary skills, supporting struggling readers, and maximizing engagement. The volume offers proven strategies for teaching specific genres and formats, such as fiction, nonfiction, picture books, graphic novels, biographies, and poetry.”

At $75 it’s a bit pricey for individual purchase, but maybe libraries around the country will update their collections with this new edition of a well established series.

2 comments on “Coming in June

    • Good morning, Jane. I’m always glad when you come by. I’m eager to see this one in print because it features wonderful poems by Charles Ghigna, Jane Yolen, Pat Lewis, Cheryl Harness, and several others.

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