My night at the library

Hi everyone,

Here are some pictures taken the other night by Library Community Relations Director Kathleen O’Dell when I was giving my program. The charming young miss, Lilly Williams, did a beautiful job of reading with expression when she joined me in a two-voice poem.

Janine Clark-Barry, a frequent visitor here on my blog, was the perfect grump in a two-voice poem by that name. Way to go, Janine!

All in all, a fun night. Sandy was there but wound up minding the book sales and so was spared hearing me do my thing for the millionth time. Thank you, dear Sandy!These are my new friends, Brendan, Raanan, Isaac and Abigail Minnick.

And to Kathleen go big thanks for setting up the event, including it in the Library’s promotion listing of upcoming events (The Bookends), promoting the evening in numerous other ways, and extending her long day to introduce me and stay to the end. Thank you, Kathleen!

16 comments on “My night at the library

  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time!

    Perhaps some flowers (or something special) are in order for Sandy. Hey – it’s Friday the 13th! Don’t tempt fate by not telling Sandy how much you appreciate her!

      • I’m beginning to see your point, dear Susan. Flour it will be. Maybe she can bake me a cake!

      • Actually, we’re having a birthday party at our house this evening for a friend and neighbor. I’m getting to hep!

      • A party sounds like fun! Enjoy! (and I hope it’s pretty on Goose Lake tonight so you can enjoy the outdoors a bit! Cold and windy here today. Ugh!)

  2. OY! It’s always a shock to see a photo of myself. It was great fun to read with you David,(almost as much fun as reading to first-graders). You are a power house and attract all kinds of ages and backgrounds to your events if this was any indication. What cologne do you wear to be so attractive 🙂
    PS, I was so happy to win a book, I wrote it on my blog! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Thank you, Janine (aka Grump). I was glad you came and happy to meet your charming daughter! I was delighted by the turnout to help me celebrate the new titles. It was a great evening for me and I hope for others as well!

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