One of those times when you have to say, “Wow!”

Hi everyone,

Some mornings will stop you in your tracks just to give Mother Nature a two thumbs up. Here’s an example: the sun beaming on a new day at Goose Lake.

If this makes you feel like writing a poem, be my guest. It’s a quick prompt for today.

14 comments on “One of those times when you have to say, “Wow!”

    • Hi Bryn,
      Hope all is well and good with you. Thank you for leading us with the first poem from today’s prompt.

    • Dear Cory,
      I love the thought that “the” goose might have first seen the golden light of day here on Goose Lake and spent the rest of its life under the influence of that great golden orb.

    • Good morning, Michelle,
      I love the name Sleepybear Dunes! Thank you for pitching in with your sun-drenched poem.

    • Good morning, dear Susan! Has the snow stopped yet? You poor folks can’t catch a break. We’re supposed to get some flurries over the weekend but probably not enough to stick. Many thanks for your charming haiku!

      • The snow is all gone, but the wind remains blowing and blustering. Oh well – the sun is out! Enjoy your Saturday!

    • Beautiful, Sweet Su. Wait – lemme try!

      Dawn sets lake afire
      Turns the goose’s eggs to gold
      Why is it snowing?

  1. David, your beautiful sunrise is still on my mind. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Lake shimmers s t i l l
    awash in s u n r i s e
    beams dripping gold-fire

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