Spring? Maybe

Hi everyone,

Goose Lake is a busy place these days. In spite of the cold spring that has held back the usual flow of things, I saw a pair of geese and their three tiny goslings out for a swim a few days ago. Some slightly older ones are learning to graze on my neighbor’s lawn.

The goose that lost her five eggs to rising water recently seems to have gone to the nest again. I haven’t found it yet but the gander is wandering around alone most of the time. And smaller birds are taking advantage of our feeders, which this time of year is usually an indication they have a nests nearby.

Haven’t spotted the foxes since Christmas so I guess they found better places to den elsewhere. We were visited by an osprey two days ago. Way out of its normal territory. Two weeks ago we were visited by fifteen cormorants, also out of their usual area. I wonder if such unusual visitors are on their way back from winter migrations.

Most trees are budding and some have blossomed but the frost keeps knocking them back. A few snow flurries and a bit of sleet once or twice keep reminding us that nature will do what nature will do.