Dreaming through the night

Hi everyone,

I don’t always remember my dreams but the past two nights they’ve have been so vivid I wasn’t sure if I were dreaming or lying awake with my eyes closed.

Two nights ago I kept trying to solve a problem about how a young person could build some cash equity. My thought began by wondering how much money a person would have at age 65 if he/she began putting one dollar per day into an interest bearing account at age twenty. At that rate, seven dollars a week, $365 per year over forty-five years, compounding at, say, 0.025 interest, would amount to . . . what? Needless to say I never got the problem solved but it seemed to take up the night and I got up still thinking about it.

Last night I kept trying to figure out how to build a modest home on the arm of a scenic river that is known to flood. With a protective limestone wall behind me, I dug down to bedrock to build an enormous steel reinforced concrete retaining wall between my site and the river and then elevated the house itself so that my front porch was high above grade and provided a fantastic view of the river below. I know there were a lot of stairs involved but I hadn’t designed the house yet before the alarm went off. I was disappointed because I really wanted to see the finished house.

Where DO these things come from? I hope I’m getting some rest. Who knows?