Kirksville kids

Hi everyone,

Robyn Paso, the librarian at Kirksville Primary School, sent me some pictures of my recent visit there. You don’t see me in this shot but I was standing in front of 560 students K-2 on the gym floor and spoke for thirty minutes. After that we broke into groups so I could work with individual classes.

At the end of the day we met back in the gym where each group performed something I’d assigned them during our earlier sessions. The students all did a stellar job. It was a happy day.

7 comments on “Kirksville kids

  1. I’m off to Greeley today to teach 3rd graders about water and agriculture! Will have about 8 different classes today. Hope I can keep them entertained, as well as teach them something! I’ve got a huge bag of goodies to help!

  2. oh man, those pictures sure take me back to many a busy, exhilarating day – those K-ville Kids were mighty lucky getting a visit from the likes of YOU, Mr. Harrison. (That goes for those Greeley 3rd graders too, Mrs. Hutchens!) I bet they’re still talking & writing about their big day!

    • Thank you, dear Cheryl! Kids can be a terrific tonic to cure the habitual habitat with a population of one.

    • I just got home from a fantastic day with kiddos, then a quick visit with a retired friend…topped off by a late dinner with Danny and Rachel. Yee haw!

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