Sometimes we start again

Hi everyone,

I’m back in the desert story today. Since I rewrote the M.G. story a few months ago, three editors have seen it. One said she loved the voice (hooray!) and the story but didn’t think it fit her line, and two said they liked the story but didn’t identify with the voice. What to do?

The manuscript is being read elsewhere so maybe I’ll sell this version yet. But while I wait I decided to retell the story for a third time. It will take weeks but I told you three years ago I wanted to learn how to write a middle grade novel and this is part of my learning process. I have a new novel started but I’m pulling back from that one for now until I get this desert story right.

6 comments on “Sometimes we start again

  1. Approximate

    You never get it right.
    You get it approximate.
    You leave out the best line,
    like the Muslim rug maker
    making a conscious mistake
    because only Allah is perfect.

    We falter through our books
    so there is something
    for the reader to supply.
    Do not worry about perfection.
    Worry about the approximate
    Make that perfect.

    ©2018 Jane Yolen all rights perfectly reserved

    • Well said, Jane. We never write as beautifully as we intend to, expect to, want to. But now and then we nail an approximation. XO

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