Awakening the Writer Within

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Jennifer Moore sent us the link to the video we made last week on Ozark Public Television. This is the program she hosted called AWAKENING THE WRITER WITHIN. It included three panelists, Jennifer Murvin, Dave Malone, and me.

If you would like to watch the one-hour show, or know someone who might, here’s where to find it.

Awakening the Writer Within | Sense of Community
Discussion of writing techniques

Once again, my thanks to Jennifer Moore for initiating and hosting the program. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Jennifer Murvin and Dave Malone.

12 comments on “Awakening the Writer Within

  1. I’ll check this out this weekend! It will be a good thing to do, and I can keep my foot elevated at the same time!

      • Darn ingrown toenail that is really infected. (Big toe on my right foot.) I waited a bit too long before going to see the doctor. Antibiotics will do the trick, hopefully, and then we’ll go from there. You and Jane are more than welcome to write poems for my poor big toe! LOL!!! (to go with the wart poems you wrote for me last year!)

      • Ouch! Sorry about the toe, dear Susan! I’ll think more poetically about it shortly!

      • Ingrown nail
        upon my toe,
        Schools are calling
        I must go.

        Hope meds work
        and kids are good,
        Wear loose shoes
        that will be good.

        Recess duty
        lots to do,
        by 3 p.m.
        I’ll ditch the shoe!

        LOL!! A good sense of humor always makes any challenge easier, right??!!

      • Your poem says it all, David! LOL!!! Thanks for chiming in and providing a laugh!

    • A TOE OF WOE
      (In 2 Voices)

      (1st voice)
      My toe
      My toe
      My toe
      My toe
      (2nd voice)
      Oh no
      My toe
      Hurts so
      Oh woe
      (1st voice)
      Oh woe
      Oh woe
      Oh woe
      Oh woe
      (2nd voice)
      You know
      My toe
      (Both voices together)
      Big toe!

      (c) 2018 David L Harrison (to protect me from toe revenge)

      • Maybe if your students chant it for you, the magic will work. Hope so! By the way, the 1st voice should continue chanting while the 2nd voice is speaking. I just couldn’t get it set right here.

  2. Thanks David and others.I listen to the program and enjoyed. Listening to programs where authors share more of who they are and why they write, encourages and inspires me. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you, Mary Nida. Time passed quickly for those of us on the panel. Jennifer Moore is such a good host. I plan to watch it myself to see what it looks like from the viewer’s side.

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