Dumb stunt

Hi everyone,

I started revising the desert story recently and am one third of the way into the job. Yesterday, in chapter 14, I wanted to check on something I’d said in an earlier section so I began bringing up and scanning. What I discovered was that I’d saved the new chapter 8 with the previous manuscript and the old chapter 8 with the new script — an aggravation but not a big deal.

It took a few minutes but I saved one, moved it to a neutral page, deleted the wrong chapter, moved the right one into place, and then returned my floating chapter to its original folder. Problem solved. Until I pulled up the “right” chapter 8 to continue my factoid search and learned that I’d saved only the first page. The other six pages were gone. I checked the other chapter 8. Same problem. I’d lost six pages of hard work.

I went to a copy of the submitted manuscript and rescued the most recent six pages. Now I at least have a place to start. I don’t suppose I can duplicate my lost revisions, but I’ll make more and life will go on. Feeling like an idiot? You bet!