It’s the first five days of a new week!

Hi everyone,

It’s Monday-Friday! I wonder what we’ll do with it. I have plans to finish a story, draw up some proposals based on a chat I had last week with an editor, do the Skype school visit, and attend the musical performance of Robert and Cindy Leger on Friday evening. It promises to be an excellent week.

I also want to write a poem inspired by this month’s word: SOUR. By the way, Cory Corrado sent me a note to say I used this same word in July 2011. Thank you, dear Cory, for paying attention and keeping the record. Given how long it has been since the first time, I’m going to stick with using it this month too. Sorry about the duplication but hopefully by now we have had time to forget our original sour impressions.

So let’s fan out and have a good week, everyone, or at least as good a week as you can. On your mark, get set, go!