Sign my guest book?

Hi everyone,

I spend so much time here at the blog that I sometimes forget to brag on Kathy Temean’s work when she created my website nine years ago. One of the buttons you can click on it takes you to my guest book.

I’ve added several friends and followers since the last time it occurred to me to mention the guest book and ask visitors here to pop over to sign it. This only takes a minute or two so give it some thought. Thanks for considering it.

4 comments on “Sign my guest book?

  1. Hi David, I have always been a fan of yours since my children were small and read your work. Became even more of a fan of yours and Sandy’s after having worked with her and getting to know you. You have both been a blessing to so many and so unselfish of your time. I look forward to seeing your future works.

    • Lois, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much! I’m always glad to see you when you visit my blog, and of course Sandy has fond memories of working with you.

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