Some days are like that

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was on of those days. I worked all day and wound up with 138 words to show for it. I’m about to take a look at them to start today and my guess is I’ll change a lot of them. It’s the beginning of a new chapter and I haven’t found the groove for it. I felt like I was wandering all over the place with no clear idea of what would work.

Some days are like that. I’ve been there before so I know sooner or later I’ll find the way to say what I need to get across. It just wasn’t yesterday.

7 comments on “Some days are like that

  1. my yeahbuttal: yeah but, all that thought you put into those 138 words got you closer to just what you have in mind.

    Oh, the quest for just what one means to say
    Can sour the sweetest disposition.
    So you wrestle the muse another day,
    And throttle her into submission

    • You are so funny! Couldn’t have put it better. Where is that muse? I’m going to give her a piece of my mind! Or maybe not. Not sure I can spare any more pieces.

  2. Don’t let those few words get you down!
    Put on a smile – erase that frown!
    Tell your muse to come and play
    Type away – this is YOUR day!

    Love your poem, Cheryl! Here’s a few more peppy words for you, David! Onward and upward!

  3. Clyde Robt. Bulla once told me that he pictured his muse as a lovely, thought-provoking, downright inspirational woman w/ whom he had a standing date – but oh boy, if he stood her up, didn’t show up, she’d dump him flat & it’d take a load of coaxing to win back her friendship.

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