Not all ideas are equal

Hi everyone,

Couple of days ago I was in the pool, which puts me eye level with the deck around me. I love it because I’m up close to ants, snails, and other small fry creatures that roam along the concrete pavers that cover our patio.

I spotted a tiny gray object that was hard to see against the grainy surface of the paver. It was round and not much bigger than a booger. Okay, that’s gross but bear with me.

It suddenly moved forward until it reached the end of the paver, whereupon it leaped several inches onto the next one. It walked across that paver and leaped onto the next one. It was a tiny jumping spider going about its business of seeking food small enough for it to conquer.

I know that many people don’t like spiders. Period. I suppose that includes teeny tiny ones that look like boogers. Did that stop me from attempting a poem for today regarding my ugly little subject? No!

What stopped me was that I couldn’t make the poem work. I know I could if I spent enough time on it. But at some point I draw the line and go on to an idea I like better than booger-sized spiders. Not all ideas are equal. Aren’t you proud of me?