Word of the month for July is . . .

Hi everyone,

I choose this month’s word challenge with confidence that I won’t screw up and name a word used previously. Know why? Because of Cory Corrado, that’s why!

Just look at the lovely gift she has sent me, a booklet listing every word I’ve used since the beginning in 2009. They’re listed alphabetically! And she included a printout of all words by month and year, in which it’s apparent that on five occasions I have indeed reused a word.

So here is the all new, never ever used before Word of the Month word for July! It is FRESH.

Go for it, ladies and gentlemen!

7 comments on “Word of the month for July is . . .

  1. Don’t Get Fresh

    “Don’t get fresh with me,” she said.
    I didn’t understand.
    It’s just as if she’d wilted me.
    “Don’t grow!” her firm demand.

    I thought that teachers tried to make
    Their students reach the sky.
    But this one seemed to caution me
    I shouldn’t even try.

    However, I ignored her call.
    I grew quite fresh and bright.
    Forever trying for the sun
    And growing towards the light.

    If bad advice has you enmeshed,
    Look towards the sun and be refreshed.

    ©2018 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. Fresh and New

    A fresh new month
    a fresh new day
    a fresh new word
    with which to play.

    Old mind is fresh
    fingers tingle
    clever jingle.

    Mad because
    I missed on “sour”
    fresh new word
    returns my power!

    Poem is weak
    and not that great
    but at least
    my rhyme’s not late!


    F rom far and wide, they scamper flock waddle― a flurry of
    R obins, finches, and jays, cardinals, sparrows and crows
    E ven Mother raccoon, with wee ones in tow, joins the frenzy as
    S tarlings, chipmunks and squirrels stuff beaks, pouches and cheeks
    H ard to resist . . . cherries sour-sweet― fresh off the tree!

    Cory Corrado (2018) ©

  4. Thank you, David.
    For the fresh words of kindness
    For the refreshing of happy times, memories (and swing) and fresh air at Honesdale.
    For the fresh inspiration from you and your followers.

  5. Please excuse the group thanks this morning. Packing comes first. I love your poems and am eager to write one of my own when I get settled again long enough to do one. XO!

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