What time is it? It’s goo foffing time!

Hi everyone,

Today is the first day of an official goo foffing period. Most of you know the drill by now. I might not be in touch as often as usual and I might be guilty of letting my mind out of the wheel more often to wonder about other things. I’ll still report to work each morning at 6:00, but little gets done after other folks start stirring for the day.

I’ll post some pictures so you’ll know I’m out and about. If my posts fall off, please make yourselves at home browsing through some of the past posts. Stay safe and be well.

6 comments on “What time is it? It’s goo foffing time!

  1. The Goof is off this morning,
    officially out of his cage.
    The Goof is gone a wandering
    through loosestrife, poppies, sage.

    The Goof is gone a wuthering,
    His mind is off awa’.
    and e’en he’d be a druthering,
    H’es wandered very fa’.

    And if ye canny get it,
    Come live awhile wi’ me,
    Not far from all that wandering
    Along the banks o’ the Dee.

    xxxJane wandering and goo foffing in Scotland

    Jane Yolen in silly mood

    • And don’t I love Jane in a silly mood! I didn’t turn in till three this morning and only got up twenty minutes ago. The Goof is loving his foffing on Day One! XO

  2. Goo foffing has its pleasure,
    Goo foofing has its pain –
    like knowing soon enough you’ll be
    back to work again!

    But never skip goo foffing –
    indulge at every chance!
    Laugh out loud, kick up your heels,
    and dance a happy dance!

      • Off Goof, Off

        Off, goof, off
        Go play another day.
        The things that need much doing. . .
        Well–they won’t go away.

        The stories that need writing,
        Will be awaiting you.
        Off, Goof, off.
        That’s what I’d want to do.

        Your biggest cheerleader outside of your gorgeous wife

        Jane Y

      • To Jane with XO

        Then off I’ll goof,
        Along the sand,
        Where life will be
        Serene and grand,

        And for a while,
        Read and rest
        And savor
        Being truly blessed.

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