Wonder what she’s thinking

Hi everyone,

I took this picture of my sweetie gazing out to sea. Whatever she was thinking, it was a private moment so I didn’t join her there


9 comments on “Wonder what she’s thinking

  1. This obviously doesn’t apply here, David, but couldn’t resist sending and old sonnet of mine

    You stand once more beside the harbour wall
    This is the third night I have seen you there.
    I watch you from a distance, proud and tall
    A shaft of sunlight glinting in your hair
    What is it draws you to that spot each day?
    What thoughts of sadness occupy your mind?
    The memory of a love far, far away,
    A yearning for your homeland left behind?
    Sad seagulls’ cries provide the only sound;
    You reach out, casting something on the sea
    And then, oblivious to all around,
    You slip away still steeped in mystery
    I look down where the water gently flows.
    It’s empty save for one dark, crimson rose
    © Bryn Strudwick

  2. It is amazing how I can fly into memories and smell, taste and touch sintillating experiences that elicit deep gratitude. It is enhanced by a mate who lets me have as much recollection as I crave.

  3. Sandy’s Thoughts

    Dreaming and scheming,
    while scanning the shore.
    Blue skies and salt air –
    can’t ask for much more.

    Children and hubby,
    together we roam.
    stocking up mem’ries
    to cherish when home.

    • Good guesses I’d say. Thank you, Su. I thought about asking her but she hasn’t volunteered any information. I’ll settle for a good picture, itself a memory for me.

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