Getting ready to write

Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading articles and reports listed as references at the back of other articles and reports. If you haven’t tried it lately, I recommend it as a way to connect with the education community regarding how they use our work to teach students.

“Reading poems in elementary school classrooms.” Charles A. Elster (2002), Research in the Teaching of English.

“Improving oral reading fluency through Readers Theatre.” Mraz, Caldwell, Beisley, Sargent, and Rupley (2013), Reading Horizons.

“Teaching children to read: an evidence-based assessment of the scientific research literature on reading and its implications for reading instruction.” National Reading Panel (2000).

Every list leads to more lists. I’m preparing for the article I’m writing for Missouri Reader’s poetry-themed winter issue. As I told our workshop audience at ILA, sometimes getting ready to write takes longer than the writing does. But I love this part!