Down to the last day

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow morning at 8:00, movers will haul off to storage what’s left of Gamble’s — inventory, fixtures, furniture. We’ll spend today in the office, playing the game of what to keep, what to toss. Thirty-four years of records takes up a lot of room. It won’t be a happy experience, but it’s a necessary one.

Son Jeff is flying in tonight to spend a few days helping us get organized so we can find what we need in all the storage boxes and debate the pros and cons of having a garage sale one of these day. If we do, it will be a first for us. Wish us luck!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll reduce my schedule to seven hours a day and reduce the number of blog posts by quite a bit. Lots of changes going on around here!

10 comments on “Down to the last day

  1. It is a tough time. I’ve been there when we closed our store. Sending best wishes for those good afternoons together.

  2. Change can be hard, but you both have such upbeat attitudes…I think you’ll tackle all these changes just fine! So nice for Jeff to come help! Hugs to you and Sandy!

  3. Boy oh boy, it sounds to be a somber day, but as Sweet Su says, you Harrisons have upbeat attitudes, the satisfactory knowledge of having run a business that’s given so much pleasure + employment AND one another. Some Mondays are more Monday than others. That goes for Tuesdays too, like the one upcoming when the Harrisons’ next adventure commences.

  4. Best wishes to both of you as you work through this transition. Just remember that you both deserve to spend more quality time with each other, as well as more time to relax.

  5. Thanks, everyone, for your words of support. We worked ten hours yesterday. We’re still not fully prepared for the movers but somehow we’ll make it happen.

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