Back in the wheel

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all who have sent notes of support and encouragement while we’ve been shutting down our gift store. Between the original owner and us, the store had been on the scene well over half a century. Lots of good memories.

I’m about ready to focus on new stuff. I can finish the poetry article in a week or two. While at ILA a book opportunity came up that I’ve promised to start work on by mid-August. I’m waiting on word on a proposal that has been out to readers long enough to expect a response soon. And a third book possibility awaits focused attention, also within the next two weeks or so.

Those are all on the education side. In trade, a number of proposals are ready for committee decisions so each day I look for word from somebody. We all know how that goes, though.

For those who offered good advice for handling the #OURVOICES threat, I’ve added a more complete (and Peruvian-oriented) acknowledgements page, will state that a Peruvian artist should be a requirement, and have sent notes to two key Peruvian readers if they will send me a blurb for the back of the book. I’m about set to send the manuscript out again.