An evening with poets: mark it on your calendar

Hi everyone,

Taken at spring 2018 photo day. February 6-7, 2018. Kevin White/Missouri State University

A reminder for those of you in the Springfield area: Here’s the link to an announcement from The Library Center about my program with Marcus Cafagna at 7:00 p.m. next Friday the 8th of September.

The format for the evening is to take turns reading two poems each. Counting two upcoming poets from Southwest Missouri State University, there will be four of us reading. On this trip I’ve chosen the poems I’ll read from some of my twenty or so books of poetry. Now I’m arranging them in the order I want. I look forward to the evening.

One correction needs to be made. In the text I claim to be one of Missouri’s only two established children’s poets, the other being Constance Levy in St. Louis. During the process of writing an article for the Missouri Reader I discovered two other Missouri based children’s poets: Peggy Archer and Amy Sklansky, both in the St. Louis area. My apologies for the oversight, Peggy and Amy.

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