The Poet and the Poem

Hi everyone,

My thanks to friend Matt Forrest Esenwine for pointing out to me that a short article I sent to SCBWI came out in this fall’s SCBWI Bulletin on pages 12-13. I hadn’t heard about it until Matt mentioned it so I’ve now found it and enjoyed looking at the layout. Those of you who subscribe may have already read “The Poet and the Poem” but, if not, it’s there if you are interested. In it I post one of my poems from CONNECTING DOTS and describe my writing process from concept to finished poem.

I was tickled to see on page 5, an example of Jane Yolen matching one of her poems to something I posted here. Thanks, Jane!

This is the first time I’ve submitted anything to SCBWI. Let’s hope it won’t be the last.

3 comments on “The Poet and the Poem

    • Thank you, Matt. I wrote it some time ago for another purpose but never used it. When I ran across it in the files recently, I decided to send it to SCBWI.

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