Looking for a trail

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a new proposal for the education market. We haven’t been accepted yet but if we are I’ll need to write fifty nonfiction poems in a number of fields for students in grades 4-8. For the last two days I’ve been working on a prototype poem for the collection in case we move forward. Researching it involved a lot of reading, even from an old textbook of mine from days at Emory.

The more I read the more I realized my idea wasn’t going anywhere useful. In the end I tossed the four-stanza draft and returned my textbook (in Protozoology) to the shelf. For me, approaching a new project requires breaking a new trail, creating a new comfort zone that I can relocate and drop into at will over the course of the months it will take to complete the work. In this case the first effort failed. I’ll look elsewhere for a way to get into this challenge. It may take a while, but I’ll get there.