A day filled with promise

Hi everyone,

First, I step out the patio door to sip coffee and watch this scene.

This afternoon Sandy and I leave for SCIRA at Hilton Head. Tonight there’s a party. Tomorrow and Saturday I earn my keep, and I’m ready.

And just in time for the conference, Sam Bommarito and Glenda Nugent are publishing the Winter Issue of Missouri Reader, which includes an entire section on poetry and includes an article I wrote plus a number of others. It’s a beautiful issue and I can’t wait to show you some of it over the weekend.

It’s a day of great promise.

10 comments on “A day filled with promise

  1. Right now I am exactly like a kid on the night before Christmas. We promised all our authors (you among them) a sneak peak so we could find any glitches we missed. I’m honor bound not to post things till morning. Everyone writing for this issue has the same comment AMAZING. Tomorrow morning if you want to find out how poetry is a real game changer (hmmm, who came up with that title- OH it was you!) with tons of research and TONS AND TONS AND TONS of practical activities for kids of all ages read tomorrows Missouri Reader. Your anchor article ROCKS. The other articles include humor, great advice, links of sites I didn’t even know about (and I’m on the internet alot looking for literacy things) and most importantly great ideas on how to effectively use poetry. Poetry may very well be the most underused resource in reading. This issue hopes to help to correct that!!! Thanks for the idea. Less than 12 hours until it’s Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa all rolled into one happens. Again thanks for all you do for literacy in Missouri (and Beyond).

    • Dr. Sam, we’ve been in the air or at events since you posted your lovely remarks. I apologize for not getting back until now. It was a pleasure from beginning to end and I hope we make many converts as a result of this poetry-based issue. Many thanks to you and Glenda. I hope you receive quick and favorable responses to what you two have created.

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