A call for teachers to help with our book

Hi everyone,

Now that Mary Jo Fresch and I are fully engaged in writing our new book, it’s time to identify some teachers who would like to participate by trying some specific activities with their students based on the book and sharing the results with us for potential publication. This time we’re writing about vocabulary development for students in grades 3-5.

Here’s how Mary Jo expressed it in a note to some of her teacher friends. “Hi! Thanks for considering helping out….we need field testing of the lessons and student samples. Any student samples you can provide (along with parental approval) could be included in the book. You and your students will be acknowledged in the book. We are thinking we will have something by end of March to send to you… If there are any other teachers in your building (or district) that you think would be interested, just let me know. You can invite them…copy me…or I can email them – whatever you think is best.”

I know already that Ken Slesarik in Arizona and Susan Hutchens in Colorado are on board. Please help me add to the list by letting me know of your interest and/or telling other teachers about the opportunity.

Of pain and torture

Hi everyone,

In case you think goo foffing is all fun and games, take a look at the all-new exercise room where we spend time every other week day. We don’t stay long, only thirty minutes or so. Sandy does mostly a cycle machine to build leg strength. I spend half my time on a tread mill and the other half going from machine to machine, doing ten to twenty grunts and groans on each.

We reserve this form of torture for afternoons after 1:00 when I quit writing for the day. Sometimes we eat a light lunch first. After our workout we run errands and do chores. Yesterday we cleaned out the freezer. There were some interesting oddments in there. The weather is warmer this week so we look forward to walks on the beach.

Yesterday an editor I love responded positively to a query about a new idea I had on the planes back from Hilton Head. This week I’m into the “Mary Jo” book but when I get to a point where I can spare some time I’ll dig into the new idea.

Looking for work

Hi everyone,

At the 45th annual South Carolina IRA state conference, I used an original PowerPoint presentation called, “If I Can Write, Your Kids Can Too.” In the talk I present specific ways to improve student writing. Many of the points are drawn from the Scholastic book I co-wrote with Mary Jo Fresch, SEVEN KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING SUCCESS.

The presentation was well received so naturally I’ll be looking for chances to use it again.

Proof that college pays off…

Hi everyone,

I just checked AND THE BULLFROGS SING on Amazon.com. It isn’t due out until May 14 but as of a few minutes before I posted this it ranked as the #1 new release in books about zoology, #75 in books about reptiles and amphibians, #138 in books about environment, and #169 overall in books about zoology.

After earning two degrees in zoology, I think my professors at Drury and Emory would be proud of me!

Another wonderful experience in South Carolina

Hi everyone,

Loved being at SCIRA and seeing old friends/making new ones. My sincere thanks to president Vickie Brockman, conference chairperson Susan Fernandez, and all the committees who worked long and hard to make the 45th annual conference so successful. I loved seeing my old pal Joan Stevenson, who managed book sales.

Our room looking down on the beach wasn’t too bad either!

On flights going I worked on an idea for a new science-based picture book. On the return flights I was busy thinking about a new anthology that seems to have general support from several authors.

P.S. I now return to goo foffing.