Update on Missouri Reader issue on poetry

Hi everyone,

Today I want to give you an update on the current issue of Missouri Reader (https://joom.ag/o1ta), which features a number of articles about children’s poetry and using poetry in the classroom. On Tuesday I asked co-editor Sam Bommarito how the issue is being received. You may remember that it attracted more readers in the first day than the previous issue did in the first month. It’s still going strong. Here’s Sam’s response.

“How does 2,352 sound? They are from 18 different countries. The newest addition is a group from Australia Turns out there was a blogger down under who wrote some her friends and said “You won’t believe it, it’s a whole issue about poetry” I think she was excited!! So were her friends. She seems to have a lot of friends. So we are a hit down under- how about that!?!”

When I asked Sam about feedback, he’s working on a way to do that.

“To talk about us on twitter,” Sam says, “use #MoRdr. I’m editing the front cover to make sure that is said prominently on the next distribution. To everyone who has read it already, please do tweet using #MoRdr and include the link in your tweet https://joom.ag/o1ta. I will be monitoring #MoRdr on tweetdeck and will fill you in by the end of the week end.”

My thanks to Dr. Sam and Glenda Nugent for creating this wonderful opportunity to get more school people interested in the many uses of poetry in the classroom. It’s a rare chance and I’m most grateful.

If you haven’t shared the link through your own social media circles — or even if you have — I hope you will give the link a boost. And if you can figure out how to use the tweet platform that Sam mentions, please give that a try too! Here’s how he describes it.

“The #MoRdr is exactly a twitter thing. If you are not using Tweet deck (free and supplied by twitter) your feed is probably almost incomprehensible. With tweet deck you set a column (say #MoRdr) Any tweet containing that shows up, nothing else. Let’s you easily talk about one topic AND see who’s saying what about it. Otherwise you get to search for it within the hundreds (thousands) of tweets in your feed. As I said, incomprehensible! Besides the # if they always include the link at least some of their friends will click on it and voila more readers. I call it a “cyber word of mouth” way of distributing.”

Thanks everyone!

8 comments on “Update on Missouri Reader issue on poetry

  1. Thanks David! This should help boost readership. Turns out the hashtag was in use for a different purpose. I’ve modified it as follows: #mordrart (Mo Reader Article). I just checked and that is not in use at all! Please use that one from this point forward. Sam

    • Thanks for the correction, Dr. Sam. I’ll have another go at it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Write to Learn conference.

  2. Thanks David. This social media stuff is hard sometimes. The websitewants me to download something in order to see the Missouri Reader. And my twitter account says there is a problem and i need to reapply or something.

  3. Thanks to Dr. Sam, Glenda, and David – and to all the others who contributed to this fantastic issue of the Missouri Reader! Bravo!

  4. This is great! I don’t remember ever writing poetry in elementary school and very little in high school. Maybe once. More poetry in schools could open worlds.

    • Good morning, Tina, and thanks for checking out the Missouri Reader issue. Much research supports the effectiveness of using poetry in the classroom yet many teachers have a fear factor that gets in the way. We keep hoping to persuade more teachers to give it a try. It’s a long, slow climb.

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