The spice of a poet’s life

Hi everyone,

One thing I like about writing is the variety of subjects I get to pursue. At the moment I’m working on a piece about Mesopotamia. Yesterday my subject was the kind of animals that live in or visit caves. Last week I wrote a poem using homographs. Tomorrow? Who knows? But I’ll report to work to find out!

By the way, my thanks to my website and blog creator, Kathy Temean, for adding the banner across the top of my daily posts for a while as a reminder of my upcoming book, and my thanks to the book’s artist, Kate Cosgrove, for creating the banner. I checked the status of the new title yesterday, and it’s doing rather well considering that it won’t be out until May 14.

2 comments on “The spice of a poet’s life

    • Good morning, Elizabeth. Thank you for stopping by today, and thanks for the reminder about NaPaWriMo. I hope your note here gets you some new poets!

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