My calendar at a glance

Hi everyone,

I look forward to upcoming school visits, including Westport Middle School and David Harrison Elementary School in Springfield; Ridge Crest Elementary School in Centerview, Missouri; Blue Valley district near Kansas City; and twice to Higginsville, Missouri Elementary School. Others are waiting to see if their grants come through so I expect to do a few more visits scattered over the year.

A couple of book store signings are coming up. I had to pass on one because they expected me to bring my own books and take a 60% share of sales. I never stock my own books beyond a few samples, it costs me 60% when I do buy them, and I would have no way to transport the books to the store, which is in another state. Can’t win them all.

I’m invited to the Rochester Book Festival in October. I’ve been before and would love to return if I can work it out. The Children’s Literature Festival of the Ozarks is also in October. In November I’m going to present at NCTE in Baltimore. One of my books, CRAWLY SCHOOL FOR BUGS, is on NCTE’s list of notable books of poetry and I’ve been invited to sit on the panel that presents all the winners. I also submitted a proposal for a presentation but they don’t announce who has been selected until later this month.

I like the way the year is looking at this point. Next month I’ll go to New York for my annual visit with editors. When AND THE BULLFROGS SING comes out in May, I have a series of programs, quick school visits, and signings scheduled around that. Later in the year we have a cruise planned, at least two more stays in the condo, and a trip to Portland.

Mary Jo Fresch and I are working on our new book, which has a due date around the end of summer. We’re now up to fifteen teachers in several states who have agreed to work with their students to field test suggested lessons from the book so I’m thrilled about that!

Laura Robb and I have a proposal in for a book together and I’ve been writing some samples of poetry and short prose texts for that. I have a hat full of ideas to develop and I need to get back to a middle grade novel I started months ago and put aside to do other things. I have a first draft done. It stinks.

That’s what I know for now. There will be more.