A brief series of favorite poems and their histories, #4

Hi everyone,

Here’s #4 on my list of favorite poems.

This poem appeared in CONNECTING DOTS, POEMS OF MY JOURNEY, Boyds Mills Press, 2004. This was the book inspired by “The Death of a Wasp.” You may well ask in what way are these two poems connected. The wasp poem tugged at the heart of my editor (Wendy Murray) and she asked if I could write a new collection of poems that would also strike close to the marrow. In my book, suddenly discovering the allure of girls is about as close to life as a guy can get.


Something happened over summer —
girls are looking different now.
Hard to say exactly how,
but other guys have noticed too.
Seems like all we ever do
is sneak looks at girls.

Makeup maybe? Clothes? Perfume?
How they walk across the room?
Can’t explain, I only know
(haven’t told another soul)
I think I’m liking girls.

(c) David L. Harrison, all rights reserved