A brief series of favorite poems and their histories, #6

Hi everyone,

Here’s #6 on the list of my favorite poems.

“The Trouble with My House” was originally published in THE BOY WHO COUNTED STARS by Wordsong/Boyds Mills Press, 1994. It was later arranged musically by Chris Craig (Deputy Provost, Missouri State University and professional musician). In time this led to the formation of a musical group called Byron Bigger’s Band (Chris, Dale Clithero (former mathematics teacher and professional musician), plus me (also a professional musician waaaaaaay back in the day). We have performed live on radio, for adult groups, and before student audiences. At one time we each had a CD of our band performing, but we’ve all lost them.

The Trouble with My House

I haven’t any windows
And I haven’t any doors,
I haven’t any ceilings
And I haven’t any floors,
I haven’t got an attic
And I haven’t any halls,
I haven’t got a basement
And I haven’t any walls,
I haven’t got a roof
And that’s the reason, I suppose,
Why rain keeps falling on my head
And dripping off my nose.

(c) David L. Harrison, all rights reserved