A brief series of favorite poems and their histories, #9

Hi everyone,

Here’s #9 in the list of my favorite poems.

“The Bunkhouse” appeared in COWBOYS, VOICES IN THE WESTERN WIND, Wordsong/Boyds Mills Press, 2012. The book was on South Dakota Children’s Book Awards reading list (2014-15) and nominated for Texas Bluebonnet Award (2012), Cybils Award (2012), and the Spur Award (2012).

The Bunkhouse
Reckon this place could use a cleanin’.
Some boys hang their clothes on the floor
so they can’t fall off nuthin’
and I’ve seen more’n one jaw of juice
fail to make it plum out the door.

The walls are purty good,
got mostly recent papers pasted on.
Helps keep out snow in winter
while we catch up on the latest news.

Mighty warm in summer though.
Good part is
the snakes eat the rats
but the stink’ll make your eyes water some.

It’s nice to have a bunkhouse
in case you’re partial to smellin’ sweat,
boots trackin’ cow manure,
and lamps burnin’ skunk fat oil.

Don’t much care for sleepin’ in.
Bugs gnaw plugs right outta your hide.
Reckon that’s why I spread my roll outdoors.